Miss Winona 2019 is . . .  Kayla Boettcher !!!!!!!!



Kayla is a junior at St.Mary's University.  I first became involved with the Miss America Organization in hopes of becoming more connected to the Winona community and, on a personal note, increasing my self-confidence.  A big part of the Miss America Organization is giving back and promoting our social impact initiative, a project that we're passionate about that will benefit our community.   My social impact statement is called H2Whoa: Don't Go With the Flow.  Through this I want to educate others on the importance of conserving water as well as understanding the role it plays in the world aroung us.



About the Miss Winona Scholarship Program

The Miss Winona Scholarship Program is the longest running local pageant in the state of Minnesota, and has given away over $125,700.00 in scholarships in the past twenty six years! 

The Miss Winona Program held its first pageant in 1946 when Vivian Glende was crowned the first Miss Winona. Since that time there have been seven Miss Winona's who have gone on to compete and win the title of Miss Minnesota - Jeanne Reince - 1954, Marie Miller - 1956, Mary Nelson - 1976, Eileen VanDriest - 1994, Sherry Johnson - 1996, Jennifer Ostergaard - 1997 and Megan West - 1998. Former Miss Winona's have come close to winning the title of Miss Minnesota: Angela Oevering was named to the top five in 2001, Gretchen Johnson was named in the top five in 2002, and in 2006, Pamela Chapman was named 1st Runner-up to Miss Minnesota. 

The Miss Winona Scholarship Program is a not-for-profit organization established solely to provide young women with the opportunity to enhance their professional and educational goals, and to achieve those pursuits with the assistance of monetary grants and awards. In 2010, $1700.00 in tuition-based scholarships were available. This scholarship program enables recipients to apply these grants towards furthering their education and training which will greatly enhance the probability that they will achieve their ultimate goals. Today, educational advancement, achievement and public service continue to be the primary objectives of the Miss Winona Organization in the face of changing roles for women in American society. 

The Miss Winona Program is under the direction of the Miss America Program and it is a preliminary competition to the Miss Minnesota Program. If an idividual wins the title of Miss Winona, she is then eligible to compete in the Miss Minnesota Program. If she should win Miss Minnesota, she is then eligible to compete in the Miss America Program. Each of these levels she is awarded a scholarship to further her education in the field of her choice. 

Miss Winona is a good will ambassador for the city of Winona. She is also a spokesperson of a platform she has chosen that she truley believes in and goes out into the community and speaks to school children, organizations and groups promoting that platform. This is a "job" for her and she must earn it by being that spokesperson at different community events, parades and functions when asked by her committee or community organization. In addition, she may be asked to perform her talent at an event or function. Miss Winona receives her scholarship upon completion of her year of service as Miss Winona to a successor when her year as Miss Winona is complete. 

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